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Swedish Colours – a very easy topic but an important one nonetheless.

This lesson will be a quick one. We’re going to learn the most popular colours in Swedish.
Unless you go shopping for a duck-egg blue paint for your newly decorated bathroom, these colours should see you through for some time!




Light & Dark

We can say whether a colour is light or dark by adding ljus or mörk before the word – just like in English. Only in Swedish, it is written as one word. 

ljusblå – light blue



mörkblå – dark blue



If you are familiar with adjectives you will know depending on the gender and number of the noun, colours will change accordingly.

Here is a chart of the colours in all forms.


en vit stola white chair

ett vitt husa white house


en grön grodaa green frog

ett grönt träd – a green tree

Check out our post on adjectives to dive deeper into the grammar side of things. 

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