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In this grammar lesson we will delve into whether to use all, allt or alla.
All three translate to all and allt & alla can also mean everything  depending on the context.



All is used for en words where the noun in uncountable, ie. milk, sand, food.

Vem åt up all sand? 
Who ate all the sand?


All mat.
All the food.


All is used for ett words where the noun in uncountable, ie. coffee, butter.

Allt smör är slut. 
All the butter is out.

Allt vatten.
All the water.


Alla is used for countable nouns (multiple) with both en & ett words, ie. cars, apples.

Alla de här bilarna är dyra. 
All these cars are expensive.

Alla stolar.
All the chairs.

Alla, when referring to people can also mean everybody. 

Alla här är fulla. 
Everybody here is drunk.


It’s never easy with grammar rules when learning a new language but by breaking it down into bite-sized chunks or ‘bitz‘ – it makes the journey much more bearable.

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