Here are some of the most common phrases for greeting people in Swedish.

The most common way to say Hello to someone in Swedish is simply, Hej.
You will also hear two other variations which are Hej Hej and Hejsan. which are a little less formal and sound a bit chirpier!


An informal greeting which best translates to Hey or Howdy.


This is another informal way to say Hello.


Hur är det?
The direct translation is How is it? but best translates to an informal How are you?

Hur mår du?
You’ll notice this was left out of the video lesson and it’s for a reason. Beginners of Swedish tend to learn this greeting first and use it as a substitute for How are you? but in reality Hur mår du? is best used when speaking about someones health or condition. For example if you rang your friend whose mother was in hospital you could say Hur mår hon? How does she feel?


Hur är läget?
How does it lie? – An informal way of saying how are you, not dissimilar to What’s up?


Trevligt att träffas
Nice to meet you – Literally: Nice to meet


God Morgon
Much like the English, Good morning.


God Natt
Much like the English, Good Night.

NOTE: You will notice also Good evening was left out of the video lesson. It’s just not used the same as it is in English so best stick to the two above.


Hej då
The most common way to say Goodbye, try and get the correct pronunciation on då to sound like a proper Swede.


Vi ses
Another very common way to see goodbye – Be seeing you


Vi hörs
You can end a phone call or an email with this one.  Be hearing (from) you





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