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Swedish Bitz
We hope this site will make your journey to learn Swedish a little bit easier. All the lessons are designed with the student in mind. Lessons are broken up into Vocabulary, Grammar & Idioms. 

Learning Swedish takes time, remember to go at your own pace! This site is only just beginning to stay tuned for more content in the coming months.  

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Corona Virus

Corona Virus

There is a lot going on in the world right now with this Pandemic. If you are living in Sweden it's a good idea to get...

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In the following lesson we are going to learn all about Swedish adjectives. An adjective is a word naming an...

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Learn Swedish one video at a time

Learn Swedish one video at a time, all levels catered for!

Native Speakers

100% native Swedish so you can concentrate on correct pronunciation.

Everyday Swedish

Use real life Swedish, not the text book sayings. Say Tjena! not Hur mår du?

Study Tips

Get notes on each lesson with helpful tips and real-life examples.


We will answer all your grammar questions as soon as possible!
What are our followers saying?

As a person who literally knows only several words in Swedish I found this very, very useful. Mostly because it sounds like an actual person pronounces the words, so it’s easier to understand how to say anything & you say it both slower and faster, so a person who’s learning can catch up with pronounciation. Big thumbs up! 👍🏻
Thank you, it’s totally awesome! ♥️ @salvatterra


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